Turning cutting-edge innovations
into breakthrough Biotech companies

Argobio is a start-up studio based in Paris, France, dedicated to turning cutting-edge innovations into breakthrough biotech companies.

Argobio sources innovative early-stage projects on therapeutics from renowned European academic research institutions with a focus on rare diseases, neurological disorders, oncology and immunology. The studio selects and incubates these projects with the goal to create biotech companies and develop them up to a significant Series A financing.

Argobio provides broad expertise in the discovery and development of novel drugs with a team of highly experienced Biotech entrepreneurs. The internal team is led by Yves Ribeill, Neill Mackenzie, Poul Sørensen and Rémi Soula. Thierry Laugel, Managing Partner at Kurma Partners is the President of Argobio.

Accelerate in-licensed projects
up to company creation
and venture funding

Exceptionnal academic projects
from European universities

rare diseases, neurosciences,
oncology, immunology

€50 M to build
high potential companies
over the next years

Dedicated and experienced team
with entreprenarial

Company based in Paris
Launched in March 2021
Virtual organization

Argobio was initiated by Kurma Partners, a leading Paris-based healthcare venture capital firm, and Bpifrance, the French national investment bank. Kurma and Bpifrance were joined by complementary strategic investors, Angelini Pharma, a private international pharmaceutical company, Evotec, a drug discovery alliance and development partnership company, and the Institut Pasteur, internationally renowned center for biomedical research.



February 8, 2022

Oncode Institute and ArgoBio launch Laigo Bio, a targeted protein degradation biotech with programs in oncology and neurological disorders

ArgoBio and Oncode Institute have teamed up with Oncode Investigator Madelon Maurice, researcher and group leader at UMC Utrecht, to launch Laigo Bio, a new company in the emerging field of target protein degradation.

December 16, 2021

Argobio and GeneCode Partner on Parkinson’s Disease in Argobio’s First Announced Research Agreement

Argobio and GeneCode have announced their collaboration to develop small molecule Glial cell line - Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF) mimetics for the treatment of Parkinson’s …

March 2, 2021

Argobio announces its launch with 50 M€ to create and develop pioneering biotech spinouts with the support of Bpifrance, Kurma Partners, Angelini Pharma, Evotec, and the Institut Pasteur

Argobio is led by a highly experienced group of biotech Entrepreneurs in Residence, experts in biotechnologies, who will identify innovative technologies from European …

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